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The Competition

Until now standard wheel rakes have been the most popular raking tool; however, they throw too much foreign material into the windrow with the product (ash, rocks & dirt). All of which are not good at all for the end users, Even if it does add weight to the product you are losing valuable quality. Manufacturers of competitor wheel rakes tell you to drive the wheels with the product and to keep the wheels off the ground. To do this you must set the wheels very light. This creates problems of bouncing wheels that bunch hay and leave an inconsistent windrow. The wheels also skip across the ground and do not turn consistently. To have a consistent windrow with a ground driven rake you must have constant contact with the ground. Power rakes have their place, however they tend to drag the product damaging it. To avoid the damage the farmer must rake the hay with more moisture. The windrow therefore will not stand up as tall for good aeration and takes longer to dry. With power rakes the raking window is much shorter.

Depth Band Technology

The Depth Band was designed to come as close to eliminating these problems as possible. With our wheel the idea is to put weight on the depth band for constant contact with the ground. This allows consistency in the turning of the wheel, which in turn gives you fluffier more consistent faster drying windrow. The rake teeth are in front of the depth band, adjusted up to clear the ground yet combing the stubble. This picks up the product quite well while not having a spring loaded tine penetrating the ground and flipping dirt and rocks into the windrow. The amount of weight put on the wheel is easily adjusted and determines how close the rake tines are to the ground. Floatation adjustment for the wheels is done at a single point on each side of the rake. There is also individual adjustment on each wheel. The tines are also adjustable. This makes our rake very adaptable to a wide variety of conditions and environments. Rough ground, smooth ground, wet ground, dry ground, short stubble, long stubble and even downed re-growth are not a challenge for the Golden Eagle. The adjustable tines because they are not in the ground last much longer. The depth bands are made from a very high wear material (U.H.M.W.) and wears very well. The Depth Bands are on the ground and will slightly move the dirt, however it is behind the work and does not deposit dirt in the windrow or damage the plant. The Golden Eagle lifts and fluffs the hay so well in most cases you can rake a day sooner than normal. You will also be able to rake with higher and lower moisture with good results. This opens the raking window for more productivity.


The army that is the most mobile wins wars. Time is money. These statements are known to be true and the ideas behind them are used in every day life. This is especially true for the modern day farmer who is more and more challenged all the time. Custom farming and larger farms are dominating the farming industry. The mobility of the Golden Eagle Wheel Rake will help with some of the time challenges. This hay rake folds up with the touch of a button to less than eight feet six inches. It has tail-lights, signals and brake lights built right in and can be towed legally on the highways just like a trailer. This rake is designed to work in the fields behind a pickup or tractor. Behind a pickup it can operate with a rear trailer hitch or a fifth wheel hitch.

As is everything we build here at Circle C Equipment our wheel rake was designed and built out of necessity.

Everything combined makes the Golden Eagle Wheel Rake the best choice for the modern farmer in today?s competitive, fast paced farming world.

10 Facts about the Golden Eagle Wheel Rake

over any other wheel rake

  1. Adjustable Depth Bands. (Promotes longer Tine life and less cost to maintain.)
  2. Pivoting main frame. (Less wear and longer life than telescoping frames.)
  3. Narrower transport mode (8-1/2 feet compared to 14 feet).
  4. This Hay rake can be pulled with a pickup in the field this makes it much faster between fields and frees up your tractor for other uses.
  5. Hay rake models to 54 feet, putting 2 to 4 windrows together. (Huge advantage for green chopping).
  6. 18 spoke wheels with Optional skin facing, compared with 6 spoke wheels with Masonite facing skin or no skin. (Most growers will spend on the average $2,000 to $4,000 per year for tines, bearings and new wheels just to maintain each rake. The Golden Eagle rake is made to last for many years with very low maintenance.)
  7. Single point rake wheel float control compared to having to adjust each and every wheel separately.Rake tires that carry the rake are mounted in the center of the rake, which allows operation in small fields and tight corners.
  8. Golden Eagle rake wheels carry 18 tines on a 56" wheel. The competition has 18 tines on 60" wheels, therefore the Golden Eagle wheel rake does a cleaner job of raking, putting more money in your pocket. Option of having depth bands on the raking wheels to prevent soil penetration. Less dirt and rocks in the windrow. (Huge advantage for exporters and dairymen, as well as less wear and damage to baling and chopping equipment.)
  9. More positive wheel driving mechanism. All wheels turn the same speed, forming a much more even windrow. No tine contact with the ground is necessary to turn wheels. (Competitors claim the wheel is turned by hay stubble, however when wheels stop turning your only option is to lower wheels until you penetrate the soil.) When wheels don't turn you are missing the hay and bunching the windrow.
  10. Bale density is more consistent and hay just dries faster behind an Eagle wheel rake because of the consistency and the way it stands the windrow up.

All of these advantages over any other rake ever built,

and at a similar price to other commercial rakes.


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Advantages of Golden Eagle Wheel Rakes

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