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Hay Equipment for the Advanced Farmer

On this page you will find more information than you

probably want or need about the Super Conditioner.




The Super Conditioner is the most remarkable and advanced hay conditioner on the market. Nowhere else can you find a piece of equipment that will give the farmer a greater added value for his crop and have the equipment pay for itself in such a short time.

The premise on which the Super Conditioner works is the entire stem is flattened. This means the moisture is released through the side of the stem rather than having to travel several inches to a crimp in the stem. The result is faster dry down and softer hay.

Loss from one rainstorm with hay down can easily reduce the value of hay by $40.00 per ton to a total loss for that cutting. Multiply the potential loss by the number of cuttings.

Getting hay out of the field faster means less bleaching by moisture and sun. Greener hay means higher value. Getting hay out of the field faster also means the farmer can return the water to the crop sooner. More water means a greater yield on the last cutting or perhaps even an additional cutting. Greater yields mean more income.

Because the entire stem is flattened, the hay is softer and more palatable to the cow. Consequently they will eat more, translating to higher milk production, which is a great benefit for the Dairy Farmer.

When hay is cut, the plant struggles to stay alive. In the process the sugar in the plant is consumed until the moisture level drops to about 40%. The faster the moisture level drops, the sweeter the hay will stay. Therefore, the cows eat more of this sweeter hay. Just another way the Super Conditioner is an attractive investment.

When calculating the value added worksheet, there is no doubt that the Super Conditioner is a smart investment.




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