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  Ty Ellefson

Testimony of Ty Ellefson

3/15/10 - I purchased my first set of conditioners in 1998.  It was exciting to see the improvement in dry down and the ability to bale so much sooner.  Over the years as I have purchased additional haybines it has become automatic to order a set of Super Conditioners for the new machines.


 In late fall 2009 I sent a set of rollers in to be reconditioned because a piece of rubber had peeled off the center of the bottom roller.  I was amazed when I realized it was the original set purchased in 1998!  It had been in three different haybines.  I can't even guess how many acres ran through that set over the past eleven seasons.


I have many customers that would be very disappointed if they had to start buying hay NOT cut with one of my machines.  There is no doubt the hay is softer, the bales are more dense,  and the color is always better.

Ty Ellefson

  Levi Brenner


11/11/06 - I put Circle C Super Conditioner rolls in my 946 discbine this spring. I was thinking of doing it for several years, but I thought I could not afford it. Believe me, you can! It paid for itself in the first crop alone. It dries the hay at least a day sooner and I loose no leaves. My customers could not believe how green and soft my hay was. It makes making good hay much less stressful.

Levi Brenner

  Wilbur Reid

We purchased two Super Conditioners in April of 2000 and installed them on new Hesston 8550 Disc Mowers. Approximately 3000 acres of alfalfa & timothy have been cut with each machine. Dry down time on timothy has been reduced at least 50% allowing us to bale timothy at less than 10% moisture in 48 hours from the time of cutting. Alfalfa dry down time has bee reduced at up to 40%. Texture on both crops is much softer and more palatable to the cows and our dairy customers have seen an increase in milk production after switching to Super Conditioned alfalfa. Product support from Circle C Equipment has been excellent and we are extremely satisfied with our investment!

Logan Porter

Porter Tanner & Assoc. Inc.

PO Box 69

Barnwell, AB. T0K-0B0


"Hay in the bale has less Bleaching and is definitely much softer to the touch."

David Reed

Klamath Falls, Oregon


At first I was very skeptical. In the hay business you don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. The drying of the stem is by far superior over anything I’ve seen. The hay is very soft. You won’t believe it until you try it. The color is unbelievable too! On rain damaged hay the drying time is faster ---it didn’t turn black or musty. I usually sneeze like heck around rain damaged hay. Not this year. We’ve never had an extended baling season like we did this year using the Super Conditioner!

Ty and Alden Nunes

Tulare, California


"I had a farmer call to tell me that he would have big bales for me and was cutting them. When he called me back 3 days later and told me that they were already stacked I thought he was crazy! It turned out to be really nice hay!"

"Softer hay with better color sells faster and higher. Some 3rd and 4th cutting would have been dry cow, but was good enough for milk cow hay."

Little John Roethlisberger

Hay dealer

Tulare, CA


 "I was able to bale anywhere from 1 to 2 days ahead of my neighbors, and sometimes 3 to 4 days sooner."

Larry Byrum

Lovington, NM


We find that the rollers give a superior crush to the hay stem by cracking both sides through the full length of the stem. This promotes a uniform drying of the stems and leaves. This results in faster drying, more consistent moisture content and softer hay.

The bright green of the baled hay is very noticeable due to the short drying time. Short drying time has saved several fields of hay by allowing us to bale before a rainstorm hits, resulting in a more profitable operation.

We have found an advantage in marketing our product because of its appearance, softness, and palatability. The crusher rollers have provided us with several advantages; less rain loss, less spoilage, more leaves baled, more consumption, and improved production.

Wayne and Andy Stock

Murdock, NE

"This is definitely the best investment I have ever made in the hay business. Really no one with alfalfa can afford not to have a set of these rollers."

Donald Baldock

The Greenest Hay in Kentucky

"Our estimated average drying time saved was 50 to 75%… with alfalfa stems and leaves drying at close to the same rate."

Paul McKie

S. Carolina Dairyman


This past season, with the help of the Super Conditioner we could consistently dry our export hay (Timothy) in 48 hours. Any other year we normally had to wait 72-96 hours before bailing.

We find that our bales are very consistent when tested for moisture. Before we started using the Super Conditioner our bale’s moisture content could vary considerably. One of the other advantages of the Super Conditioner is that our hay’s texture is much nicer. We have noticed this both in alfalfa and timothy.

This set of rolls has made may-haying season seem like a dream compared to other years. The next time I buy a new mower I would not hesitate to buy another set.

Dana Hueppelsheuser

Blackfalds, Alberta


"The Super Conditioner increased dry down, increased quality, and increased my profits. I’m getting $10 - $20 more a ton. This is by far the best product we have purchased in years!"

Geoff Toledo

Tri-T Farms

Visalia, CA


"Anyone with any quantity of alfalfa grown for dairy hay can’t afford to be without the Super Conditioner."

Bernard Hoogland

Longmont, Colorado


"With the Super Conditioner we achieved the stem long crimping action that allows the plant to release stem moisture more uniformly and in a much shorter time."

"We can increase or decrease the amount of roller pressure by observing the condition of the stem after passing through the conditioner. We want a thorough crimp along the stem without leaves detaching from the stem. This gives us a softer, more palatable bale for the dairyman and his cows."

Layne Rolofson

Agri-Cross Farms, Inc.

Greenwood, Nebraska


"When I first heard about the Super Conditioner, I became very interested. I liked the idea of cracking the whole stem. Conventional crimpers crack only every six or seven inches of the stem. It leaves the space in-between unchanged.

I liked the idea of conditioning the whole stem. For us it reduced dry down time by 50%. One of the benefits we see is a softer product in the bale. The hay retains a better color which our buyers appreciate.

I would recommend this Super Conditioner to anyone wanting to put up quality alfalfa."

Milton Koehn

HCR 55, Box 46

Elsie, NE 69134


We started our using the Super Conditioners manufactured by Circle C Equipment in May of 1999. Our Super Conditioners are installed on four John Deere 4890 Windrowers.

We have seen considerable reduction in the dry down time of our hay. After using the Super Conditioners our drying times went from five and six days to a consistent four days.

The hay we harvest all goes to our dairy. We have noticed since we were Super Conditioning the hay that we are feeding less hay than before. This is due to the softness of the stem. There is virtually no waste left in the feed through and we are seeing higher numbers in milk output.

We have been very pleased with our Super Conditioners and with the service of Circle C Equipment. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to put up dairy quality hay.

Gerald Stout

Oppliger Land & Cattle

Farwell, Texas

I have two Conditioner sets that I have run for 2 years. They are doing excellent, couldn’t be better. We are really happy with them. They handle weeds really well, They don’t plug up.

We are ordering new JD 4895 swathers and taking our rolls out of the old 4890 swathers to put in the new machines.

Bob Wardlaw

Greeley, Colorado


Every hay producer knows the frustration of seeing the sun go down on a field of hay that is not quite dry and the next day’s forecast is calling for rain.

The Super Conditioner manufactured by Circle C Equipment is a machine that will shorten the drying time of your hay crop substantially.

We purchased a Super Conditioner and have used it on alfalfa and oats. It reduced the drying time of these crops by 40 – 50%. It is hard to believe that lush crops can dry that fast after being Super Conditioned.

Circle C Equipment is a company that is honest and every performance claim is real and is backed by impartial field trials and satisfied customers. The Super Conditioner is a fine product.

Verne Menke

Stephenson, MI

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