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Hay Equipment for the Advanced Farmer

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 Easy to Drive and Operate:

    One touch computer operated     bale pick up. One operator can     stack up to 90 tons per hour.

•  Greater Operator Safety: The     bale never passes over the cab.     Bed and arm operations stop     when cab door is open.

•  Fully Supported, Positive-     Action Lift Arm: Two cylinders     lift the bale on a single hinge     point for greater strength.

•  Cleaner Radiator &     Engine: The bale is never in     front of the truck, so there is

    no dust to plug the radiator.

•  No Quarter Turn: If the bale is      in the field on the strings, it is      in the stack strings down.

•  In Line Pickup: The bale is     picked up inline behind the baler     with out stopping. This process is     less damaging to the field or the     crop than competitive machines     that must pick up the bale from     the square edged side.

•  Square Stacks: Bales are trapped     and squared before they are     picked up. When placed on the     truck they are already aligned with     the other bales.

The American Eagle Bale Stacker can stack and retrieve 8-4x4 bales, 12-3x4 bales or 18-3x3 bales quickly and efficiently.

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