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Comment: One of our competitors has belabored the point that their stacker doesn't use a computer. I ask them, please look in your office. Are there any computers in there? Look under the hood of your truck. Does it have a chip? 'Nuff said.

Q. What makes the American Eagle the best Big Bale Stacker?

A. The Eagle is a stacker for large square bales (mid-size to one ton). It uses a standard farm truck, a robotic arm that loads the bales onto the truck, and a flat bed that lifts the load beyond vertical for forming a tight, weather-resistant stack. The Eagle will also retrieve the stack, for short hauling when the truck’s not busy in the field. Since the arm and bed are removable, the truck also serves as a general-purpose farm truck. The live power provided by the hydraulic pump is especially useful.

Q. Is the Eagle easy to operate and maintain?

A. The design goal of the American Eagle Stacker has been to keep it simple in every way. It is simple to operate, easy to troubleshoot, and easy to maintain. The robotic arm and bed are constructed from heavy duty steel using common fabrication techniques. Most parts are common, off-the-shelf items. The truck can be serviced anywhere trucks are serviced. The hydraulic system, robotic arm and bed are designed to give you trouble-free operation for years. In short, the American Eagle will work hard for many years-day in and day out. It's the best stacker on the market.

Q. Is the American Eagle Stacker fast? Yes it is.

A. Speed is based on five factors: 1. How fast the bales are picked up; 2. How many bales the stacker holds; 3. How fast the stacker travels to and from the stack; 4. How fast it unloads into the stack; 5. How much downtime for repairs. The American Eagle is fast because it loads bales quickly and holds eight 4’ x 4’ bales, up to twelve 3’ x 4’ bales and up to eighteen 3’ x 3’ bales. The Eagle travels to and from the stack quickly, and is easy to back into the stack for fast unloading. Under normal field conditions, stacking roadside, the Eagle will handle 75 or more 1-ton bales per hour, hour after hour, day after day. This assumes normal preventative maintenance of about 1/2 hour every 12 hour shift. (Greasing, blowing the chaff from the base of the robotic arm, walk around inspection.)

Q. How extensive is the routine maintenance?

A. Maintenance on the truck chassis is the same as with any farm truck. Maintenance on the stacker consists of daily greasing of 41 zerks, twice weekly greasing of 3 zerks. All zerks are located for easy access. The hydraulic filters are changed once per season, except under extremely severe conditions. Other preventative maintenance includes inspecting for loose bolts, pins and hydraulic fittings and is the same as common sense dictates for farm equipment.

Q. What if I need to haul my bales five or ten miles to a stackyard?

A. This is one of the areas where the Eagle really flies. With the correct engine/transmission/axle combination you'll find that the Eagle removes the bales from the field gently and efficiently. It accelerates quickly to get from the field to the stack and has the fastest unloading time of any stacker on the market.

Q. How hard is it to learn to run this stacker?

A. With the touch of a button, the computer-controlled arm loads each bale automatically. With the manual/auto switch, 100% operator control is also designed into the system. With the Eagle’s automatic cycle, the operator focuses on getting to each bale efficiently, shortening the time it takes to pick up a load.

Q. How reliable is the automatic operation? Does the computer work right all the time?

A. An Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller runs the automatic cycle. The controller is simple, extremely reliable and designed to last for years. However, in the unlikely event of failure, the controller is easily replaced.

Q. How well does the electrical system work, and is it reliable?

A. The electrical system on the American Eagle has been carefully designed for simplicity, long life and ease of troubleshooting. The stacker uses only 6 limit switches to provide information to the controller. Each switch has been optimally placed to ensure the most reliable operation. All limit switches are of the highest quality and are easy to adjust. Limit switch misalignments are easy to troubleshoot. All electrical circuits are breaker protected. All electric  switches and the coils on the hydraulic valves have indicator lights, vastly simplifying troubleshooting.

Q. Why does this stacker pick up the bale on the right, where it’s harder to see?

A. Loading the bale from the passenger side is the safest possible way. The operator finds that he quickly becomes comfortable with the right hand pickup. The Eagle’s rub rail and push bar automatically aligns each bale. The operator drives alongside the bale and starts the automatic cycle; the stacker does the rest. We offer an optional left-hand pickup for the grower who requires it.

Q. Does picking up the bale from the side cause truck frame problems?

A. No. A unique push bar with air bag suspension is part of the stacker. This supports the load, equalizing the side torque on the frame.

Q. Do you have to stop in order to pick the bale up?

A. No. The Eagle runs at a steady rate of 5 to 10 miles per hour picking up bales in the field.

Q. Can I use my accumulator with the American Eagle?

A. By allowing you to get the irrigation water back on the crop immediately. However, if you prefer to use an accumulator, there's no reason not to.

Q. Do I have to approach each bale from the same angle?

A.  No. The front corner of the rub rail wraps around the front of the truck and was designed for turning bales if they are at an odd angle. This eliminates time spent jockeying for position. With a little practice (2 or 3 days) the operator will find that backing up to get straightened out is not necessary.

Q. Do the bales drop on the bed of the truck?

A. No. The robotic arm picks up the bale, pivots to the rear and lowers the bale onto the bed.

Q. What size bales can be picked up, stacked and retrieved by the American Eagle?

A. The following chart shows bale size and stacker capacity. The Eagle will handle bales from Hesston, Case I.H., Freeman      (Vermeer), New Holland, and John Deere big square balers.

Q. Is it possible to develop a silage handling system, using big square bales and the Eagle?

A. Yes. The Eagle has handled silage bales, which were put into an agricultural bagger.

Q. Can the Eagle stack inside a shed?

A. Yes. The standard machine requires a minimum eave height of about 15 feet.

Q. How does the American Eagle work as a retriever?

A. The operator of an Eagle can pluck the bales, lower the bed, go down the road to another location, and build a new stack. This stacker is very versatile. Our retrieval system is designed to work in the worst conditions. Imagine a 125 ton stack of hay that's been sitting untarped for two years. Now imagine the same stack with a foot of snow on the ground. Let's go move that stack, quickly and efficiently, on a 0 degree January morning. The American Eagle, with the retriever grapple attachment, can get 'er done. We can prove it.

Q. What is the empty weight of the American Eagle?

A. The total weight of the stacker is about 26,000 lbs.

Q. Does Circle C have a dealer in my local area?

A. We have a few dealers and independent reps; call or e-mail us for current information.

Q. Can I see a demonstration of the American Eagle?

A. Yes. With a few hours notice, a demonstration of the Eagle can be arranged at any time of the year at our location. Please contact us for an appointment.

Q. What is the warranty on the American Eagle Balestacker?

A. Our warranty on the stacker is one year, parts and labor.

Q. What types of financing are available?

A. Circle C Equipment offers a choice of straight purchase financing or leasing. Call for details. We will work hard to find a plan that fits your operation.

Q. Does Circle C provide the truck?

A. We can provide the truck, but the most economical way to build a big bale stacker is to locate a truck that specifically fits your operation, and ship it to us for installation of the stacker.

Q. What are the specific requirements of the truck?

A. That information is contained in a separate document entitled Minimum Truck Requirements.

Q.  Can the truck be included in the financing package?

A. Yes, this has been done quite often.


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