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Hay Equipment for the Advanced Farmer



We are dedicated to helping farmers

throughout the world help themselves by providing the industry with the latest in equipment & technology,  helping them become profitable

well into the next generation.

Circle C Equipment LLC, was founded in 1997 by Ivan Cook, a Hermiston, Oregon farmer and hay exporter. Circle C Farms has operated for over 35 years as a successful farm and has over time become a large export entity in the northwestern United States, The primary crop grown by Circle C Farms is premium-grade alfalfa, along with some grass hay varieties. Ivan began Circle C Equipment LLC out of the needs that he found in his own farming operation, and quickly found that his inventions had merit and demand from farmers all over the world.

From its meager beginnings Circle C Equipment LLC has continued to remain in touch with the needs of the farmers.

Circle C Equipment was developed by farmers for farmers. Ivan Cook demands that the company continue this close relationship with the customer in order to remain a viable sales and service company.

Circle C Equipment LLC.

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